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Itsy Bitsy Programs (2-5 yrs)

Parent & Tot

This class encourages interaction between parent and child through active, playful and musical experiences. This program aims to enhance sensory and social skills.

Creative Dance A & B

A great way to start off children into dance - introduce your toddlers to all the different dance styles, such as Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and more!

Mini Acrobats

Introduction to gymnastics and acrobatics in dance. Students will learn proper positions for rolling, bridges, and jumps through creative dance and games.

Mini Hop/Acro

Students learn the basics of hip hop and jazz in this high-energy class.

Mini Chinese Dance

Students are introduced to a variety of ethnic and classical Chinese dance through use of music and props. This class is taught in Cantonese and English.

Please contact us for our current class schedule and availability.

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