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Dress Code

Creative Dance/Pre-Ballet:  Pink Leotard, Light Pink tights, Capezio Leather shoes, skirt (optional), Hair must be tied in a neat and tidy bun. 

Ballet: Capezio short sleeve pink leotard, Mondor light pink footed tights, Capezio leather shoes, skirt (optional), Hair tied neatly in a bun. 

Acro: Black leotard (sleeve or no sleeve), Mondor nude non-footed tights, foot undies. Hair must be tied into two french braids.

Jazz: Mondor Purple leotard (no sleeve), Black tights/shorts, Jazz shoes. Hair must be tied in a high ponytail.

Hip Hop: Comfortable T-shirt and Black tights, Indoor shoes. Hair tied in a ponytail.

Adult Ballet: Comfortable t-shirt, Black tights. Capezio leather shoes.

Zumba: Comfortable T-shirt and pants, Indoor running shoes.

All classes listed below require our dancers to wear appropriate attire for class.
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